Bisexual Republican Politician Switches Parties To Stand With LGBT Community

Meagan Simonaire came out as bisexual when Maryland was debating whether or not to outlaw gay conversion therapy, and her father was one of the main proponents.

Simonaire is now leaving the Republican party and joining the Democrats because of President Trump’s attacks on minorities, women, and his opponents, reported LGBTQ Nation.

“I am leaving the Republican Party today because it is important for me to stand with a party that is fighting for equality for all Americans. Minorities, the LGBTQ community, victims of gun violence, immigrants, women, Americans of all faiths, and communities being affected by climate change,” she said.

She helped Maryland pass the conversion therapy ban by coming out in a speech in front of the statehouse.

Out Democratic Legislator Bonnie Cullison said the speech was “one of the bravest moments I have ever witnessed in the legislature.”


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