Morgan Eckroth, a content creator with nearly 7 million followers in Portland, Oregon, has won the 2022 United States Barista Championship.

What people probably don’t know about her is that she identifies as bisexual.

On Instagram, she wrote about how she is a “proud B” in the LGBT community.

“Labeling my gender has always felt strange as well as never really mattered to me,” she writes. “I’m Morgan and I’m quite content with that. She/they pronouns are rad and I love y’all a lot, thanks for hanging out and making coffee with me for over two years.”

Eckroth works at Keeper Coffee and is known as MorganDrinksCoffee on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. She is the first already-famous person to win a major coffee competition, according to Sprudge.

Eckroth posted all three performances on her YouTube channel with the “Finals” video already having over 104K views in one week. One of her videos titled “This is a latte art tutorial” uploaded in February 2020 received over 1 million views.

In an interview with Sprudge in March 2022, Morgan spoke about how she balances her job at the café and posting content online.

“I still work three to four shifts a week, so I’m at about 25 hours as a barista in a given week,” Morgan said. “When people ask what I do I say I think of being a content creator as my full-time job and being a barista as my part-time job, but they very much go hand in hand. But a lot of it is really just being a workaholic. And I also love all the things I’m doing.”