Two counter campaigns spring up in response

More than 29,000 people donated to a crowdfunding campaign to help Memories Pizza stay in business after the owners allegedly had to close their doors amidst a backlash for saying they would not cater a gay wedding.

More than $840,000 was raised, in only 4 days, to support the Indiana-based business.

Two counter campaigns have sprung up in response to the overwhelming support for the business.

“Support LGBT Youth In Indiana” is looking to raise money for the Indiana Youth Group, an LGBT organization that supports LGBT youth in the state.

“Take a minute and, instead of trolling Memories on Yelp and being angry about it on Facebook and Twitter, donate $10; do something positive that will have a direct impact on LGBT youth in the state of Indiana,” the founder of the GoFundMe campaign wrote.

So far the campaign has raised more than $30,000 from 972 people.

Another campaign “Virtual Pizza…Give a Slice of Hope” has raised more than $44,000.

“We find the idea of rewarding bigotry silly and shameful, so in response, Planting Peace urges you to join us showing support to the LGBTQ community by donating to our virtual pizza fundraiser. Buy a virtual slice online and the money we raise will go to support beds for LGBTQ homeless,” states the CrowdRise campaign website. “While one family is being supported with nearly a million dollars for acts of bigotry, there are LGBTQ people being rejected by their families and society because of these very acts of bigotry. Don’t let acts of hate overshadow acts of love and compassion; please take a stand with Planting Peace and donate here.”

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