A teen from Billings, Montana, who identifies as bisexual, said that someone spray painted a gay slur on the door of his home last Thursday.

In an interview with the Billings Gazette Friday, Cain Stacy, 18, told the newspaper he came home last week and found that someone spray painted the word "fag" on the front door to his trailer. He said he spent the night across the street at his friend's house and that he discovered the slur in the early morning, adding the paint was still wet.

"I've been called a fag my whole life," he told the Billings Gazette. He said that he was more upset that his home was vandalized than being called a gay slur. "This is child's play," he added.

Stacy's mother, Heidi Hannah, who lives next door to her son and owns both properties, was also upset over the vandalized home. She also took issue with the local police's investigation of the crime, and Stacy claims it took hours for the cops to show up at the home.

Stacy had an idea who the vandal was and told Billings Police Department Lt. Kevin Iffland who he believes left the gay slur on his door, but Iffland said the suspect denied involvement and police did not find anything after searching the suspect's home. Iffland told the newspaper the crime "s classified as a criminal mischief with a bias motivation noted against bisexuals."

The case has been deactivated because police ran out of leads but if the cops should receive a tip they intend to reopen the case.

"I just want it off my damn door," Stacy told the paper in reference to the anti-gay graffiti.

Stacy added that he can't remove the spray paint because of the cold weather and will have to wait until it gets warmer to wash it off. He's currently covering the slur with a plastic bag.

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