BBC News recently published a piece titled "We're being pressured into sex by some trans women."

Since its publication, the article has been condemned for claiming trans lesbians habitually pressurize cis lesbians into sex based on a survey of 80 participants.

The BBC responded to the criticism by saying the item was about a "complex subject” that it "went through our rigorous editorial process" before being published, adding that the article provides appropriate context, according to PinkNews.

But, this isn't the first instance of the BBC being criticized for its coverage of transgender people, as media outlets are being condemned for giving anti-trans groups a platform.

After this controversial article was published Oct. 26, more than 10,000 people have signed an open letter to BBC upper management and editorial staff, criticizing the piece for implying that trans women generally pose a risk to cisgender lesbians in sufficient numbers to be newsworthy, but instead these are incredibly rare occurrences.

This letter was organized by the grassroots group Trans Activism UK and went on to criticize BBC, saying that the group the article was based on was a self-selected survey of individuals from "Get The L Out," which is a group that is united by anti-trans views.

"The article uses a deeply flawed study that doesn't meet BBC guidelines, and anecdotal accounts from known transphobic hate groups who actively campaign for transgender people to lose their legal recognition as their gender," the letter states.

Get The L Out is an anti-trans organization, previously cited by BBC News, that hijacked Pride in London in 2018 with signs reading "trans activists erase lesbians," flyers opposing trans-friendly gender recognition revisions, and calls for trans women to be barred from women's areas.

In response to the open letter, a BBC spokesperson stated that the article takes a complex subject and looks at it from another perspective, acknowledging that it is difficult to assess the full extent of the issue.

"It includes testimony from a range of different sources and provides appropriate context. It went through our rigorous editorial processes," the spokesperson stated.

Trans Media Watch, a charity dedicated to improving the media coverage of trans and intersex issues, stated it was "shocked" by the BBC report.

"We are shocked, too, to note the incredibly poor standard of BBC journalism in this piece," the TMW statement stated.

Unfortunately, this BBC article is not the only instance of anti-transgender media. Similarly, FOX News has featured a record-breaking number of anti-trans segments, according to Dame Magazine.

Media leaders who act as a conduit to the violent extreme right, such as Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro, and Charlie Kirk, have increasingly warned their viewers that trans persons pose an existential threat to U.S. national security, Western civilization, and the species' survival.

Groups such as "Get The L Out" are often self-proclaimed "gender critical" and are a part of the "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist" (TERF) movement.

The religious right and the neo-fascist extreme right are closely intertwined in the TERF movement. They all believe that the ideal number of transgender persons is zero, and they're ready to employ government authority as well as crowd-sourced persecution to get there.

According to Dame, this year has seen a record amount of anti-trans measures proposed, with more passing than in the previous 10 years combined.

One current legal battle is that the religious right and gender critics claim that they have a protected right to misgender their students and coworkers.

"Irresponsible reporting like this is dangerous. It significantly and adversely impacts trans people's day-to-day lives," stated Helen Belcher, a trustee of Trans Media Watch.