(WB) The Baltimore Eagle, home to city’s leather community for nearly three decades, is preparing for its grand reopening in October.

Baltimore Eagle Founder Tom Kiple, a prominent member of the leather community for nearly 50 years, will serve as its new operator, owners announced last week. After founding the Eagle in 1991 as one of the original leather clubs on the East Coast, Kiple went on to open the gay resort SunCoast, in Tampa Bay, Fla. His reason for coming out of retirement to run the Eagle again: “Love.”

Kiple is joined by another original Baltimore Eagle team member, former general manager, David Lessner.  


“The Baltimore Eagle promises an experience ‘as it was in the beginning’ – a judgment-free space for all members of the leather community,” Lessner said in a release. “We’re dedicated to revitalizing the spirit of this Baltimore landmark as a fun, edgy place for newcomers, while preserving the culture and attitude that has attracted guests from all over the world.” 

A remodeling effort is currently underway and the owners announced new experiences and services, including a new courtyard bar, pool tables, kitchen, and a full-service leather shop. 

The Baltimore Eagle gained attention both for its leather events and community service initiatives and has hosted benefits for HIV/AIDS awareness, research, and testing programs, as well as services for the elderly and other charities. To get involved and follow progress on the Eagle, visit baltimoreeagle.com.