If you can’t beat ‘em, drown ‘em out with the sound of loud bagpipes.

At least, that’s what Florida Gulf Coast University Senior Brice Ehmig decided when a Christian demonstrator compared homosexuality to bestiality and yelled at her and her girlfriend through a megaphone, according to NewNowNext.

The political science major could have yelled back, gotten violent or just walked away. Instead, what she did was so much better. She strolled around the protestors playing the Funeral Song with her bagpipes, drowning out their hateful words.

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Her girlfriend stood nearby and recorded the video, which they uploaded to Facebook. Also on Facebook, Ehmig posted publicly about the incident.

“I am open to people challenging my biblical knowledge, so let me just get this out of the way!,” she began. “I mean this with love and in attempt to educate. What you all fail to realize in your attempts to justify the "preacher" or any hate-mongering entity is the fundamental operative of the Law of Moses (the first five books) and Levitical law (the laws about shellfish, materials, resource allocation) was for those that believed that the messiah was not here. Therefore if you believe a messiah has been here, or that you feel no need to question the presence of a higher power, Levitcal law need no longer apply.”

She concluded her post simply: “Thanks for playing.”

Watch the video here.