Transgender pioneer and activist Leslie Feinberg, author of the 1994 novel "Stone Butch Blues," died on November 15 from complications from multiple tick-borne co-infections, including Lyme disease. Ze was 65.

Self-described as a "white, working class, secular Jewish , transgender lesbian," Feinberg preferred the use of "ze/hir" pronouns.  

Feinberg passed at hir home in Syracuse, New York, and hir last words, according to the Advocate, were: "Remember me as a revolutionary communist."

Ze died with hir partner of 22 years, Minnie Bruce Pratt, at hir side.

A member of the Workers World Party and managing editor of Workers World newspaper, Feinberg was best known for authoring "Stone Butch Blues" which won the Lambda Literary Award and the 1994 American Library Association Gay & Lesbian Book award.

AfterEllen notes that in addition to hir work as a writer, ze was also active in several anti-racist and socialist movements. In 1994, Feinberg was the opening speaker at the rally on the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City.

Feinberg is survived by hir partner of 22 years, Minnie Bruce Pratt.

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