Did you know that the happiness of gays and lesbian couples cause abortions to skyrocket?

As the United States Supreme Court readies to hear arguments in what may ultimately put the issue of same-sex marriage bans to bed once and for all, a group of "scholars" are warning that the high cost of marriage equality will be an exploding abortion rate,The Washington Post reports.

"On the surface, abortion and same-sex marriage may seem unrelated,"stated attorney Gene Schaerr, in a post published on the Heritage Foundation website Monday.

Schaerr is best known to the natural marriage "intelligentsia" for his failed attempt to uphold Utah's ban on same-sex marriage.

In an amicus brief filed with the United States Supreme Court, on behalf of "100 scholars of marriage," Schaerr argues that in the matter of marriage equality and abortion, "the two are closely linked in a short and simple causal chain."

Here's Schaerr's rationale: Legalizing same-sex marriage devalues marriage and causes fewer heterosexual couples to marry, which leads to a larger number of unmarried women, who have abortions at higher rates than married women.

For those who may wonder just how many abortions will same-sex marriage cause, Schaerr has a figure - "nearly 900,000."

"Nearly 900,000 more children of the next generation would be aborted as a result of their mothers never marrying," Schaerr claims. "This is equal to the entire population of the cities of Sacramento and Atlanta combined."

The comments on social media mostly mocked Schaerr's theory.

"I plan to get three abortions a week once same-sex marriage is legalized nationally," one Facebook user wrote. "The fact that my uterus was surgically removed in 2008 makes me about as likely to get an abortion as the average lesbian or gay male, but hey, we're not talking about REALITY here, right? I am woman, hear me scrape!"

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