Arrest Made in Murder of Michael Miccio

Michael (Mycal) Miccio

The State of Florida believes it has its man. And this time, the state hopes to keep him behind bars for an extended stay.

Cedric Leon Maynor, 48, a native of Fort Pierce, has been indicted for the 2017 murder of local gay businessman Michael (Mycal) Miccio. Maynor, who has an extensive criminal record and multiple aliases, is being held without bond in Broward County jail. His next hearing before Judge Thomas Coleman is May 31, according to case documents. No trial date has been set. Maynor has pleaded not guilty. 

Miccio, who owned Lauderhill cabinet business Dynamic Design and Wood, was found dead in his Fort Lauderdale apartment in September 2017, less than two miles from his workshop, according to reports. 

The indictment revealed the cause of death to be asphyxiation. Detective Edward McCormack of the Lauderhill Homicide Division would not release any other details on the case. 

"We have no further comment at this time," he said. A request has been made with Lauderhill Records Supervisor Stephanie Moliere for the case file.

The district attorney has been speaking with the Miccio family and keeping them up to date on the case, Miccio's brother-in-law, Joseph Ianaconi, said in a phone call to SFGN.

"She has been very helpful. We have kept things tight. We are now waiting to see what happens," he said. For instance, Miccio's 92-year-old mother has never been told her son was murdered. The family had papers made up to say he died of natural causes, Ianaconi said.

Miccio, from New York, a custom cabinet maker for more than four decades, was the fifth of 10 children. Ianaconi, who delivered his eulogy, is married to Miccio's sister. Miccio would become his best friend. When they came for a visit, or he visited them on the Jersey Shore, they'd all go out dancing. 

"He was a disco king!" Ianaconi excitedly recalled. 

Miccio was out to his family, who were very accepting of him and any of his friends he brought for a visit. "We all supported his choices and lifestyle.”

Ianaconi assisted in cleaning the crime scene. The only pictures in the apartment were pictures of family. "That meant a lot to everyone," Ianaconi said.

As far as motive, Ianaconi offered some information, but didn't want to delve too deeply into the details. He did say the suspect, Maynor, had a female relative living in the same complex as Miccio. The woman confided in Miccio that Maynor, who came to stay with her after Hurricane Irma hit South Florida, was trouble. But Miccio offered to help as needed. "Typical of him," Ianaconi said. Michael was a flashy jewelry type of guy, "and Maynor could have seen him as an easy target," Ianaconi said.

Ianaconi added that there was clearly a struggle in the apartment, and in addition to his wallet being gone, all of Miccio's jewelry was also missing. Police may be holding that as evidence, Ianaconi suspects.

Maynor was arrested and charged with Miccio's murder on July 12, 2018, in St. Lucie County. He was later extradited to Broward County. 

Just two months before Miccio was killed, Maynor was being held in St. Lucie County jail, where he ran into additional trouble, according to reports in TCPalm. Maynor was accused of punching his cellmate, who complained Maynor was snoring too loudly. Maynor, who knocked out his cellmate's tooth, was charged with battery and pleaded self-defense, the news story stated. He was later released from jail, according to reports.

And only one month after Miccio was murdered, Maynor was taken into custody again in St. Lucie, this time on a drug charge, according to public records. 

MAYNOR 106534

"Cedrik Leon Maynor"

Ianaconi, his wife, and one of Miccio's brothers, will be in Fort Lauderdale for the trial. Ianaconi says the trial is being delayed as the judge awaits fingerprint certification.

The family has Miccio's remains at home. They won't do anything with them until the trial is over. 

"There's a special place he loved, a place where his friend who died of AIDS is," Ianaconi said. "We are glad Michael hasn't been forgotten. We are thankful the community hasn't forgotten him."