Arizona Might Ban Transgender People From Women’s Sports

Photo via PxHere

An Arizona bill proposed last Friday would ban transgender girls and women from participating in sports teams aligning with their gender identity.

The American Civil Liberties Union penned a letter, backed by women’s rights groups and sports organizations, saying that banning transgender women from K-12, community college, and state school women’s sports would discourage participation all together, according to NBC News.

“It is hard to imagine why state legislators have decided to prioritize barring transgender young people from sharing in the benefit of secondary school athletics or disrupting medical treatment consistent with prevailing standards of care,” Chase Strangio, a transgender rights lawyer with the ACLU said, according to NBC News. "But here we are, the start of the session, a time to fight.” 

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Nancy Barto said people view the issue as one of basic fairness.