According to an article in Political Magazine, “Evangelicals Are Changing

Their Minds on Gay Marriage: And the Bible isn’t getting in their way” evangelical attitudes are slowly softening on the issue of gay marriage. And even those opposed are only half-heartedly fighting it.

“Now, Christian political groups, including Focus on the Family and the National Association of Evangelicals, have virtually stopped campaigning on the issue, shifting their focus to legal efforts to shield religious business owners from having to cater to gay weddings,” the article reads. “Such views will only become more common in the years ahead, says Jeremy Thomas, an Idaho State University sociologist who has studied conservative Christians’ changing attitudes toward homosexuality. ‘Evangelicals will more or less come to embrace homosexuality in the next 20 to 30 years,’ Thomas predicts. ‘I would put all my money on that statement.’”

But not all evangelicals are changing their attitudes and some are digging in for a long battle against changing attitudes and gay marriage.

“What we are seeing is the impact of this relentless brainwashing by the mainstream media, and it affects people that aren’t thinking clearly or aren’t grounded in a biblical worldview,” AFA’s issues analysis director, Bryan Fischer, told Political Magazine. “There are some evangelical leaders who are sounding a very defeatist tone—the battle is over, and we lost and we have to get used to it. That kind of defeatism just has no place in the evangelical community.”