Apple, Amazon, Others Sign Letter Opposing Trump’s Trans Policy

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Nearly 200 companies have now added their names to a letter to the Trump administration opposing new policy that would in effect erase transgender people from legal protections, increasing tensions between Washington and big business.

“Transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex people are our beloved family members and friends, and our valued team members. What harms them harms our companies,” the letter reads.

Fortune reported that on Nov. 1, 56 companies signed the Business Statement for Transgender Equality, which voices solidarity with transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people.

The business statement reached 121 more companies Tuesday. The companies that have signed the letter have a total of 7 million employees and a collective annual revenue of more than $3.2 trillion.

The letter goes on to say “We call for respect and transparency in policy-making, and for equality under the law for transgender, gender non-binary, and intersex people.”

It was originally conceived in response to a New York Times report that the Trump administration and legislators were making attempts to define gender as based on one’s ‘biological’ sex at birth, a move that would further disenfranchise transgender communities.

Companies signing the tech-heavy business statement include Airbnb, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Intel, Lyft, Microsoft, Dow Chemical and Warby Parker.

The letter marks the tech industry’s latest salvo against the Trump administration over its treatment of LGBT Americans.

The Portland Press Herald reported that top executives at Google and Twitter voiced their criticism last year after the president issued an order that banned trans people from serving in the military.

Many of the same companies on the Business Statement for Transgender Equality signed a joint letter in May 2017 opposing legislation in Texas that would restrict trans students’ bathroom use.

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