The Associated Press tweaked its style guide last week.

Two changes of note impact the LGBT community – make that the LGBTQ community.

“We have updated our LGBT entry. It also lists LGBTQ as acceptable in all references. #ACES2017” tweeted @APStylebook on March 24.

The hashtag was a reference to the American Copy Editors Society convention held last weekend in St. Petersburg. In reviewing its style, the Associated Press decided “they” may be used as a singular pronoun in limited cases.

Non-binary advocates declared the change a victory for the gender fluid movement.

“The fact that it’s being accepted by the Associated Press, that’s super exciting,” Tiffany Stevens, a reporter for the Roanoke (Va.) Times told Poynter. “Non-binary people as an identity aren’t recognized in general in America.”

Adding the “Q” to the LGBT entry recognizes people who identify as “queer” or “questioning,” the AP notes.

Meanwhile, Pink News is reporting that journalists have been instructed to ignore requests to refer to people using pronouns “xe” and “ze”. 

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