Anti-LGBT Texas Congressman Chip Roy took to Twitter on Thursday to blast federally funded “woke pet projects,” including one in Palm Beach County.

“The omnibus bill will funnel MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to LGBT groups peddling radical gender ideology – many of those $$$ will go to orgs that target YOUTH,” tweeted Roy, a Republican, who represents Texas’ 21st district.

Calling the earmarks “ridiculous,” Roy included Compass LGBTQ+ Community Center in Lake Worth Beach on his list of “55 terrible earmarks that NO REPUBLICAN should vote for.”

Compass was approved for $523,345 for youth and family services that provide behavioral health and wraparound services. It was part of a $1.7 trillion bill the Senate adopted on Thursday by a bipartisan 68-29 vote.

In a statement to SFGN, Julie Seaver, Compass Executive Director, had the opposite reaction to Roy.

“Compass, like many organizations, applied for the FY2023 Community Funding Project Request which we learned of through Congresswoman Sheila Cherifilus-McCormick’s office,” Seaver wrote. “We were thrilled when her office selected our application in the request for funding and included it in this bill. These resources are intended to help all Americans, including LGBTQ youth. The extremists and the radicalized GOP are determined to harm Americans, not actually help them.”

Roy’s omnibus response is another verification of the animosity and bias he harbors against LGBT people. In the run-up to the passing of the Respect for Marriage Act, Roy called the 12 Republican Senators who voted in favor of marriage equality, “stupid or deceitful.”


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