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The existence of a high school's Gay Straight Alliance has brought out the worst in a Tennessee community.

A pair of Tennessee teenagers felt like there was an overwhelming need to create a GSA (gay-straight alliance) to make a safe space and combat anti-gay bullying. As if to drive their point home, some very vocal parents are now calling for the removal of school staff who allowed the club to be formed in the first place. Moreover, there are students at the school who have taken to wearing "Straight Pride" signs with the GSA in a circle with a "no" slash through it.

According to a report in Global Cocktails, parents of students at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tennessee are outraged with the school's newly formed GSA, which they are comparing to the terror group ISIS.

"Over 30 years ago, in 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed into federal law the Equal Access Act." reads a page on the high school's website explaining how the organization was founded. "Under the auspices of this Act, the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at Franklin County High School was founded in 2016."

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that a A Facebook page was set up by the parents to rally like-minded community members to voice their opinions at an school board meeting in February, which is also protesting same-sex marriage.

"Marriage is for one man and for one woman! The reason being is two female cannot reproduce and two males cannot reproduce, but if you notice one male and one female can!" wrote one user on the Facebook page before launching into the well-worn anti-gay Leviticus 20:13.

This prompted another Facebook user to comment "Shove your God and your bible up your hypocritical well you know!!!! Yallquida!"