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A pastor who is married with five children and who has called homosexuality a "sinful temptation" has resigned after screen shots of his Grindr profile went viral this week, Time magazine reports.

The pictures of Rev. Matthew Makela's Grindr profile were first uncovered by Queerty on May 18, and it revealed that when Makela isn't spewing anti-gay rhetoric he's a total top looking to "mess around" and "love[s] making out naked." He also "love[s] to cuddle."

In the pictures Queerty posted, Makela, who lives in Midland, Mich., sent shirtless photos to the man he was speaking with via the gay hookup app.

A letter was posted to the website of St. John's Lutheran Church, where Makela worked, and confirmed that he has resigned. The message also asked members of the congregation to ignore discussions of Makela online and on social media.

"This changes nothing. Matt is still forgiven and he is still loved, and we will do what we can to stand by him and the family as they face this spiteful attack of shame," the letter reads. "God is bigger than this and will see us through."

According to Queerty, Makela did confirm that the Grindr profile is real, but refused to comment beyond that.

In the original Queerty report, the website points to Makela's Facebook, which is currently deleted, where the pastor linked being gay to alcoholism. He also made disparaging remarks about trans people after a woman was banned from a Planet Fitness in Midland, Mich., for complaining about a transgender woman using the woman's locker room.

"The transgender movement is going to assist opportunistic sickos in preying upon children and others," he wrote earlier this month. "How can business owners and the authorities prove who is a man who identifies as a woman vs. a man who wants to prey upon girls and women in their restroom or locker room?"

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