What do you do when you find out your anti-gay spokesman is a serial rapist?

That's what opponents of a gay rights protections law passed in the tiny town of Eureka Springs, Ark. are asking themselves as news broke that one of their "on air" talent in an anti-gay video they produced has a rap sheet that includes three counts of first degree rape. He also happens to be a Baptist pastor, The New York Daily News reports.

"I have nothing against the gays, I love them," Acra Lee Turner, 60, says in a video aimed to stir up a base to vote for a ballot initiative to repeal Eureka Springs' recently passed ordinance protecting sexual orientation and gender identity.

"No one has been lynched. No one has had to sit on the back of a bus," Turner says. "This isn't a human rights issue. It's a human behavior issue."

As reported by NewsOK, Turner pleaded guilty to three counts of first degree rape in 1977 and was sentenced to three concurrent prison terms of 30 to 90 years. One of his victims was an 80-year-old woman. He later admitted to assaulting a third victim. During parole hearings in 1992, nearly 5,000 signatures were collected to keep him in prison.

"If this wasn't so disturbing, it would make for a great soap opera. Acra Lee Turner is the last person who should be given a platform to preach against anyone," said HRC communications vice president Fred Sainz. "This video is a good example of how opponents of equality are increasingly scraping the bottom of barrel when it comes to supporters."

From our media partner EDGE