Conservative commentator Ann Coulter went on Good Morning Britain to defend Donald Trump’s comments on Haiti and Africa.

Trump has reportedly claimed during a Jan. 12 immigration meeting that Haiti and African nations were “shithole” countries, according to NBC News. Coulter doubled-down on Trump’s alleged remarks during the show, according to PinkNews.

“It’s not as if he called a press conference to announce, I want you to know America, these countries are S-holes,” Coulter said. “These are leaks from a private meeting, just like the AIDS comment – and by the way, Haiti does have an extremely high rate of AIDS.”

Coulter also questioned why the U.S. did not stop those with HIV from entering the country.

“We have an immigration policy that won’t discriminate on the basis of AIDS,” she said. “It’s a communicable disease! That’s one of the things we’ve got to be taking into account.”

Trump had previously fired the remaining members of the Presidential HIV/AIDS advisory council in December 2017, according to PinkNews. This move came after six members of the council resigned last June, claiming the White House “did not care,” about the disease’s prevention.

During the presidential transition, Trump also allowed the closing of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy after he did not appoint a new director.