According to a report, the majority of Americans support pro-LGBT policies, but not so much on transgender sports and bathroom accommodations.

The report conducted by The Public Religion Research Institute showed that 82% of Americans support laws that protect LGBT people from housing, jobs and public accommodations, marking an increase by 10% from 2015. PRRI is an organization that investigates the intersection of religion, culture, and public policy.

Transgender Students in Sports

Support for transgender students being allowed to participate in high school athletes has decreased since 2018 across the political spectrum, according to the report.

Marking a decrease from 61% in 2018, less than half (46%) of Americans favor or strongly favor transgender boys being allowed to participate with cisgender male students in high school sports. Support for this position from Republicans (37%) and independents (63%) has fallen by nearly 20% since 2018, while Democrats’ (68%) support has fallen by 6%.

About one-third (36%) of Americans believe that transgender girls should be allowed to participate with cisgender female students in high school sports, marking a decrease from 50% in 2018. Support for this position from Republicans (9%) has fallen by more than two-thirds, from independents (30%) by one-third, and from Democrats (62%) by 11% since 2018.

Bathroom Accommodations

As for bathroom accommodations, Americans continue to be divided over policies that allow transgender people to use bathrooms consistent with their sex assigned at birth (47% favor, 50% oppose), similar to 2019 percentages (45% favor, 47% oppose).

In 2016, Republicans and independents showed more support for restrictive bathroom policies, increasing from 44% to 74% for Republicans, from 37% to 48% for independents and from 27% to 31% for Democrats, according to the report. White Christian groups have shown support for it as well.

Discrimination in Religions

The report also showed that 63% of Americans oppose allowing religiously based refusals to serve LGBT people, with 36% of Americans supporting them.

While white evangelical Protestants’ support for non-discrimination laws rose from 60% to 66% since 2015, their support for religiously based service refusals rose from 54% to 62%. Less than half of all other religious groups favor religiously based service refusals.

PRRI also reported Americans’ beliefs about gender identity; comfort levels with transgender people; and perceptions of discrimination and personal relationships with LGBT people.