The city of West Hollywood teamed up with social community AmBi and the Human Rights Chapter to hold the country’s first city-wide Bi Pride event on Sept. 22.

Half of the LGBT community identifies as bisexual, a recent study found, and the idea for an event came up in discussion after the city recognized Celebrate Bisexuality Day last year. Despite these statistics, however, AmBi Director Ian lawrence-Tourinho believes that bi-erasure remains a problem.

People are “threatened by bisexuality” because it blurs the lines between straight and gay “that people find very reassuring,” he said to the Los Angeles Blade. AmBi is even booed by the rest of the LGBT community when they march in the LA Pride Parade.

So because the bi community isn’t recognized “time and time again,” he said, they’re making spaces for themselves. The event featured a rally and bi visibility walk, as well as a party with music, poetry performances, and a silent disco.