Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has dismissed at least five requests for help from transgender students who are being denied bathroom rights.

President Trump said two years ago that trans people should be able to “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.” However, his administration wiped away the 2016 Obama-era directive that trans students be able to use the bathroom of their choice under Title IX, a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination, said Politico.

LGBT education activist group GLSEN found that 70 percent of trans students avoid using the bathroom at school because they feel unsafe or uncomfortable. This can lead to physical problems like urinary tract infections, or emotional distress from not being able to use the right bathroom.

The Education Department wouldn’t answer questions about the dropped cases, but said that it’s “committed to defending the civil rights of all students and ensuring all students have an equal opportunity to learn in an environment free from harassment and discrimination.”