Michael Weinstein’s critics are calling the Florida lawsuit a scandal. But is it?

Three former AIDS Healthcare Foundation mangers filed a civil lawsuit last Friday, April 3, alleging that the billion-dollar HIV/AIDS agency defrauded federal healthcare programs of at least $20 million each year since 2010. Critics of AHF President Michael Weinstein are rubbing their hands in excited anticipation as if this might be the final straw that brings Weinstein down—while others are questioning the motives and cultural competence of the whistleblowers.

“For those of us who have been fighting Michael Weinstein from day one,” longtime AIDS activist Peter Staley told Mark S. King for King’s “My Fabulous Disease” blog on Thursday, “when he started ignoring the great legacy of science-driven AIDS treatment activism, this lawsuit couldn’t have come soon enough. And yes,” he adds, “it feels like payback.”

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