(EDGE) On Friday, LGBTQ conservative group Log Cabin Republicans issued their first press release since the Department of Justice rescinded Title VII workplace protections or transgender workers and lifted burdens from religious objectors to prove their beliefs about marriage or other topics were sincerely held.

But those looking for LCR to join the chorus of every other LGBTQ and civil rights groups who criticized the Trump Administration's actions, ended up disappointed. Rather than address the rollback in LGBTQ rights for Americans under the current administration, LCR President Gregory T. Angelo broke his organization's silence to praise the Trump Administration as protecting the rights of gay men in Iran.

"As the only LGBT organization to actively, repeatedly, and consistently maintain that the Iran Deal had negative consequences for the LGBT community since its inception, President Trump's decision today is one welcomed by Log Cabin Republicans," wrote Log Cabin Republican president Gregory T. Angelo. "It is no secret that the Iranian regime kills gay men - and men simply suspected of being gay - and cloaks the abominable practice of so-called 'conversion therapy' in the guise of forced gender reassignment surgery. President Trump's statement today maintains the United States interest in the Iran Deal while opening the door for renegotiation that ultimately could lead to a safer world and a better life for the LGBT community in Iran."