A group of angry activists is hoping "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez will sashay away forever. They are calling on RuPaul to revoke her crown and title over comments she made via social media about suicide.

The controversy began when Sanchez tweeted "go kill yourself" to a Twitter user who called her "annoying." Sanchez's comment was met with harsh criticism via social media, given the high suicide rate among LGBT teens.

She responded to her critics by tweeting "hate it or love it I have no sympathy for people that commit suicide. They're cowards. They give up & give in. Stop tweeting me about it."

Matters have since escalated, prompting an online petition with over 600 signers from around the world calling for RuPaul to revoke Sanchez' crown and title.

It reads:

Dear RuPaul,

We feel that Tyra Sanchez's recent comments about suicide and mental illness warrants for a complete removal of her name and face from any RuPaul's Drag Race events. Her blatant disrespect for the victims and family members of people who have committed suicide is nothing short of disgusting and cruel. We would ask that you revoke her title and crown, whether officially or not. If it is out of your jurisdiction then we would like for you to speak out against her to show your support for all of those who truly need and deserve it. We feel that Tyra Sanchez is the true coward in this situation, ignorant and dull, and that she no longer deserves to have as much fame and positive recognition as she has received.

Many people in the LGBT community, especially our youth, struggle with mental illness, self-harm, and suicide. The last thing they need is for a supposed "role model" to make them feel any worse than they already do. (Though she denies it, the second she signed up for the show she was also signing up to be a role model to LGBT people everywhere.) We should be lifting our wounded and weak up, not putting them down and shaming them in front of thousands of people. Having won Season Two of RuPaul's Drag Race means that she is representing you and your company, no matter how long ago it was.

Please do not let her continue to do this to our community.


Your fans. Your community.

Nevertheless, Sanchez did not back down or apologize for her comments.

The reality star returned to social media, and needing more than 140 characters to work with, she went on Facebook where she went on to defend her comments in an 856 word (4453 character) post.

Dear everyone that has me fifty shades of fucked up,I will not apologize for my opinion. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it." [...] "For those of you saying that it was their only way out and they had no other choice... I say to you BULLSHIT! To me you're the one encouraging suicide. You're just making excuses for it to be okay for one to take their own life. It's not okay to commit suicide, however, it's your opinion and I don't hate you for it.

The post further went on to explain the situation leading up to the tweet that started the controversy.

Everyday since RuPaul's Drag Race aired I (and many other contestants) continue to receive death threats, mean tweets and flat out hate from everyone including you,Yet I always ignore it, until last week. When someone decided to tweet me
'Tyra Sanchez is the most annoying thing I ever watched????????????'

In which I decided to respond, "Girl kill yourself" OH WAIT STOP THE PRESS lets bash Tyra because she told someone "Kill yourself". Had I told her to go fuck herself would that be more pleasing to you? Yeah maybe my choice of words may have been a little harsh. Maybe I should have advised her to play in traffic or to kick rocks? She wouldn't literally go fuck herself and I'm more than sure she wouldn't literally go outside and find some rocks to kick. Now I'm not sure if she would not have mind playing a game or two of dodge ball with Toyota and Buick (????????joke people, it's a fucking joke), but I'm damn sure she didn't literally kill herself. Moral of the story? Don't dish out what you can't take back. So to all of you fucks writing me horrible things I say to you, FUCK OFF!

Tough love,
-America's Sweetheart