(WB) ACT UP New York has announced a memorial for Larry Kramer will take place on Thursday in Manhattan.

A press release notes a “memorial service and commemorative demonstration” will take place at the New York City AIDS Memorial in the West Village at 8 p.m. ACT UP New York will live stream the event on its social media pages.

Kramer died on Wednesday in his Manhattan apartment at the age of 84.

“Members of ACT UP New York, past and present, pause in collective sorrow to acknowledge the passing of the group’s co-founder, Larry Kramer,” reads the ACT UP New York press release. “Larry’s singular combination of political vision, fiery passion, and eloquent anger were the fuel that sparked our organization — and the start of the global AIDS activist movement — in March of 1987.”

“Over the next 30-plus years, Larry was our beacon, our inspiration, and sometimes our nemesis,” it adds. “But through good times and bad, we moved forward in our quest to end the AIDS crisis and to identify and defeat the villains in power whose crimes or apathy allowed the disease to become a worldwide plague. His uncompromising honesty moved us to greater achievements.”