LAS VEGAS (AP) — The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit Monday against Clark County school officials, saying they failed to stop a bully who harassed two boys in a junior high band class almost daily, leading one of them to contemplate suicide.

The complaint, filed on behalf of the boys’ mothers, seeks policy changes, unspecified damages and a jury trial. It names Supt. Pat Skorkowsky, school board members and employees at Greenspun Junior High School as defendants.

It also accuses the Nevada Equal Rights Commission of dragging its feet on an investigation and failing to resolve the issue nearly two years after a complaint was filed.

Clark County School District spokeswoman Melinda Malone said she couldn’t comment on pending litigation. Equal Rights Commission Administrator Kara Jenkins said she couldn’t comment on a pending investigation.

According to the lawsuit, the bullying began when the boys started sixth grade at the junior high in Henderson in fall 2011. A student identified in the complaint only by his initials used homophobic slurs toward one of the boys and then turned the taunts toward the other boy who tried to defend the first, accusing the two of being “gay boyfriends,” the complaint said.

The bully also stabbed one of the boys in the genitals with a pencil and slapped one of them with a piece of a trombone, according to the lawsuit.