1 in 3 young Americans say they’re at least a little bit bi.

YouGov researchers using a modified Kinsey scale asked participants to rank themselves on a range between “exclusively heterosexual” and “exclusively homosexual.”

According to the study, 80 percent of all Americans put themselves in one of those two categories, but 66 percent of younger Americans, ages 18-to-29, put themselves somewhere in the middle.

According to YouGov, the older someone is the less likely they are to say that they have fluid sexual attractions. 24% of people aged 30 to 44 say that they’re somewhere on the scale of bisexuality, compared to 8% or less of people over the age of 45.

A similar, recent study in the UK found similar results, with almost half of British young adults saying they’re bisexual.

12 percent of American adults who say they’re heterosexual said they’ve had a same-sex experience, according to the new YouGov study. Straight women are almost twice as likely as straight men to experiment – 15 percent of straight women and 8 percent of straight men say that they have had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex.