Women tied the knot in what may have gone down in history as the world’s biggest mass all-female same-sex wedding.

It all started with B&B Roux owners Alli Baldwin and Ilene Mitnick decided to renew their wedding vows. The renewal turned into a mass-wedding event known as Bride Pride in Provincetown, Mass.
“Alli and I wanted a quiet renewal of our vows, but we’re really passionate about bringing women into town," Mitnick told Yahoo.
Fifty-three couples married that day — 25 getting married for the first time while the remaining 28 renewed their vows.
Baldwin and Ritnick attempted to make the cut for Guinness World Records, but in order to create the category for “Biggest Mass Lesbian Wedding” they needed at least 100 couples in participation.
“We believe we did set a record,” Mitnick said.
Comedian Kate Clinton officiated the weddings, also renewing her vows with partner Urvashi Vaid.
“We knew it was a reality that people live in places where it’s difficult to be themselves,” Mitnick told Yahoo. “But to be hit with that was very moving.”