This isn’t just any old week in September. It’s the start of Bisexual Visibility Week, a time where the bi community (and their friends and family) acknowledge and celebrate all there is to bisexuality from the history to the culture — and all the bi people in their lives.

Need some tips on how to celebrate? Check out these five ways to make the most out of Bisexual Visibility Week.


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1. Learn about famous bisexual people in LGBT history.

Did you know that Bisexuality Week is in September because it’s the birth month of Freddie Mercury, the late Queen singer, songwriter and record producer? From 14th Century Philosopher Sir Francis Bacon to Italian Fashion Designer Georgio Armani, bisexual people throughout the world have made history in their own way. You can read about them here.


2. Add some bi pride colors to your Facebook profile picture.

Pink, purple and blue are the colors of the bi pride flag — why not show support by overlaying your profile photo? Join the community effort in raising the visibility of bisexuality and show off to those who might not know about bi week.


3. Make a donation to national and local organizations that support bisexuals.

Want to make a real difference? Although there are LGBT organizations across the globe, there are very few that provide support specifically to the bisexual community. To contribute resources to the marginalized bisexual community, you can donate to organizations like BiNetUSA or the Bisexual Resource Center.


4. Use and follow bi pride hashtags on Twitter.

Join the community discussion on Twitter with the hashtags #bipride and #biweek, showing off your support and celebration to the Twitterverse.


5. Prep for the big day — Bi Visibility Day.

Bisexuality Day started in 1999 to bring attention to the marginalization of bisexuals both in and out of the LGBT community. Now’s your big chance to celebrate bi pride in any way you know how! For more information on Bi Visibility Day, click here.


Editor's Note: This story was originally published in 2016.

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