’Weird Al’ Donates Gaga’s Parody Song Proceeds to HRC

"Weird Al" Yankovic announced that the Human Rights Campaign will be the recipient of profits from his Lady Gaga parody song, "Perform This Way."

The songwriter and parodist created the track months after Lady Gaga released her hit single "Born This Way" back in 2011. During a recent signing for his new book "My New Teacher and Me!," Yankovic told talk show Jeff 4 Justice that the money he made from the track will go to the HRC.

"’Born This Way’ is such a positive song," Yankovic said. "I wanted to show that my heart was in the right place ... I wasn’t making fun of the cause or anything like that, it was all in good fun. I felt that by donating to the HRC, that would show it was all in good fun."

When asked if he is a supporter of marriage equality, Yankovic firmly says, "Yes."

As the Huffington Post reports, Yankovic has discussed his views on marriage equality and the LGBT community around the time he released "Perform This Way."

"I was a little on the fence of doing a parody of "Born This Way," as I assumed it was very personal to Lady Gaga and it is a gay rights anthem and it had some important meaning to a lot of people," he told Pop Break in 2011. "So I thought if I were to donate all the proceeds from the single and the video to the HRC that would sort of take the onus off me a little bit. It was my way to justify making fun of a song that had a very positive message."

Check out videos of Yanovic, who has nabbed three Grammy Awards, talking about his donation and the music video for "Perform This Way" below:

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