Songs by the Village People like “YMCA” and “In The Navy” have been adopted by the LGBT community as their unofficial anthems, playing at gay bars and clubs all over. But the band is now saying that there was no gay double-meaning in their songs.

“People always talk about the double entendre. There was not one double entendre in the music,” David Hodo, the band’s construction worker, said in a new documentary about disco music as reported by The Sun.

According to Hodo, the song “In The Navy” was just about enlisting. The lyrics of the song say: “they have everything for young men to enjoy, you can hang out with all the boys.”

Another band member, the original Native American character who happens to be a gay man,Felipe Rose, said the group is “just a party band.”

The group revealed this to filmmaker Jamie Kastner for his documentary “The Secret Disco Revolution,” which recently premiered at the London Film Festival.

Kastner told The Sun he was shocked by the response of the Village People.

According to the Gay Star News, the band was totally gay. The leather-clad biker and some of the other characters personified in the band are direct appeals to gay fantasy, the UK gay website writes.