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A mainstay of Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale, Tony and Gloria began their musical careers on 52nd Street in Manhattan, and have played up and down the East Coast, from New York to Key West for years.

They have also performed in France and on the tropical island of St. Martin. South Florida has been their home for the last 20 years. Gloria’s musical origins are rooted in the church, singing with her sisters and perfected through numerous club engagements. Tony’s roots are in jazz, playing around the country with many big bands and such jazz greats as Chuck Wayne and Evelyn Blakey.

The Duo offers a delicious blend of Jazz and Standards interlaced with contemporary influences from Pop to Latin to Blues. Cool hot passionate and playful, the sounds of “Tony and Gloria” resonate with the performers’ love of music.

This is a successful integration of two distinct musical talents producing delightful harmonies in every sense of the word. Gloria's sensual and smokey voice is wonderfully accompanied by Tony's guitar. They possibly know every song ever written and will gladly play and sing it for you. Less narcissistic than solo performers, more intimate than a mere "band," this musical duo embodies a special chemistry. Something that announces itself in genetically enhanced voices; at other times through a subtle yin-yang of two halves creating a whole.

The appeal of pop music duos with both male and female singers has never been particularly susceptible to the rise-and-fall trends of decades or musical eras, thriving quite consistently across genres. Their creative honesty and integrity, supported by a rich foundation of fine musicianship, elevates each selection with the distinct signature of Tony and Gloria.

You can tell that Tony and Gloria are made up of husband-and-wife, as their songs, at times, sound like something two sweethearts would dance to thirty years ago. Maybe it's their natural affinity for that beautifully soothing sound, or maybe it's the bond that they have that is so readily translated into their music that makes Tony and Gloria's span of songs so listenable. Whatever the reason may be, this duo works well together on more than one level. The combination of voices and memorable melodies helps transform every performance into something more.

They have just landed a gig at the newly opened Chardees Lounge in Wilton Manors, every Saturday night.

Go and have fun, sing along with them or sway to the music, their loyal fans will be there. Who knows you might become one of them.