A star is not always made out in Hollywood… Sometimes they are just born. This is the case with Matt Zarley, who Billboard Magazine stated, “Stunning. A marquee mainstream artist is born.”

His career began at a young age, long before he ever imagined being the first gay man to be chosen by People Magazine to be one of their “Top 50 Bachelors” in 2002. It was “an unbelievable honor. It was a very cool moment for me. That was a special time,” Zarley said.

He’s a triple threat. He’s handsome, a talented singer and a dancer. He started dancing around eleven years old and was dedicated from day one.

“I was IN LOVE with it. I was also obsessed with music,” Zarley said.

Around twelve years old, he began doing national television commercials, which brought him to Broadway. At seventeen, Zarley got his debut playing a cat in Broadway’s long-running hit “Cats” and the title role in “The Who’s ‘Tommy.’”

Shortly after, he played the lead in “Josef and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” He has sung with such notable singers as Whitney Houston, Vanessa Williams, Usher and Brandy.

In 2002, Zarley released his debut solo album. His second album “Here I Am” was named one of Billboard Magazine‘s “Critics Top 10″ for 2008. The accolades have just been coming his way ever since.

With four consecutive Billboard singles, two UK chart hits, and a number one on the Eurochart, his music is certainly making waves. The Advocate said his music is “a sexy collection of swoon-worthy songs,” and Instinct Magazine called it “…our idea of perfect.”

In 2012, Zarley was awarded two RightOUT TV Awards and two OUT Music Awards. His album “Change Begins With Me” won Album of the Year, as well as “Single of the Year.” The Huffington Post says his music is “definitely worth listening to!” The Washington Blade agrees that he is “inspirational!”

Zarley feels that learning from past mistakes is important in moving ahead in this world. He has a personal connection to his song “Change Begins With Me.”

“After a break-up I experienced several years ago, I found myself really taking a look at myself. In that moment, I realized how common it would be to play the blame game or point the finger at someone else,” Zarley said. “I recognized my contributions to the situation and said to myself: ‘I don’t like that about me…so change it.’ Thus the song was born.”

Zarley’s music and videos combine the great sounds of pop music with the flare of Broadway and add enough of just the right mix of sex appeal and humor to make it exciting and entertaining.

His new single “Somebody 4 Everybody” has just hit YouTube and is being played in the bars across the country. It will be on his new album, which is expected to be released this summer titled, “Hopeful Romantic.” Is he a hopeful romantic? “100 percent yes,” he said. “When I love, I love big. When I get my heart broken, it cuts deep. I’ve had my heart broken many times; yet I still have a sense of hope that ‘the one’ is still out there for me.”

With all of these awards and accolades coming his way and all of his fans swooning over his good looks and his sexy dance moves, you might ask him; does he think he has finally made it? “Umm, no,” he said as he laughed. “I have so much that I wanna do. I’m working on a big project at the moment that could be a possible game changer for me. I wanna keep evolving creatively. This next project is very different for me… yet I feel like everything that I’ve done up till now has prepared me for it.”

Well one thing is for sure, Matt Zarley is one of the talented gay musicians to watch over the coming years. His talent is boundless and he will continue to bring his music to the masses, as gay music becomes more mainstream.

To read the full interview, visit http://www.him-magazine.com/2014/02/01/swooning-over-matt-zarley/ and find links to his Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud pages too.