Spice Girls Reunite, Freddie Mercury Celebrated at Olympic Close

Spice Girls

LONDON (AP) — Around the 2012 Olympics and its host city with journalists from The Associated Press bringing the flavor and details of the games to you:


London's fashion sense has always avoided matchy-matchy — but the closing ceremony is bringing that sensibility to a whole new level.

Muse was blinding in a black glitter suit, while Jessie J belted out Queen's songs in a one-legged taupe glitter catsuit.

Russell Brand sported tight purple-and-black striped pants with his top hat as he gyrated (and sang! who knew) while Annie Lennox crooned in a black lace shawl over a red "Oliver"-like bordello dress.

Not exactly office wear.

— Sheila Norman-Culp — Twitter http://twitter.com/snormanculp


Only one man can do what Freddie Mercury can do — Freddie Mercury. He just had to make an appearance here. Even if it was virtual.

In Olympic Stadium on Sunday night, he was represented on big screens showing a video of his 1986 performance. His Queen bandmate Brian May has almost assumed the role of conductor at big British events in recent years. He played for the actual Queen on the roof of Buckingham palace and now he is playing the Olympic Stadium.

Every member of the audience is clapping. May is conducting.

Britain to the world: "We Will Rock You."

— Fergus Bell — Twitter http://twitter.com/fergb


The Spice Girls are back. They're slightly less sporty and some of them are a little bit more posh. But their reunion has set British tongues wagging for weeks with rumors all over the tabloids.

Many of the athletes and much of the audience will have grown up with the sound of the platform-wearing quintet, myself included.

The biggest cheer of the night, and by far. Even Posh has put away her pout.

— Fergus Bell — Twitter http://twitter.com/fergb


The Spice Girls. Eric Idle. Annie Lennox. Winston Churchill. Taxicabs and people in newspaper-themed raincoats. Tonight is a hotchpotch (that's hodgepodge to you Americans keeping score at home) of British music and skits, although organizers have called it a mashup.

They've been wheeling out most of the old favorites with little rhyme or reason.

In Britain we have an annual Royal Variety Performance where we do exactly the same thing in front of members of the royal family.

Hotpotch? Mishmosh? This is British variety at its best. Make no mistake.

— Fergus Bell — Twitter http://twitter.com/fergb


Just like Paul McCartney, George Michael keeps coming back. We seem to be able to forgive all of his indiscretions.

Also: Someone has to continue to rock that all-leather look.

— Fergus Bell — Twitter —http://twitter.com/fergb

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