“It started with a shoe, a very beautiful shoe" explains singer-songwriter JET. "I saw it while roaming Hollywood Blvd and a thought came to me a few hours later: ‘I want to get married in those shoes.’ I laughed when I first heard this, but then I started to see the outfit, walking down the aisle, and then suddenly ‘Like God,’ began playing in my head and I started to see the whole concept for the video."

"Like God" is the new single off of JET's upcoming EP "Shout-out to the Lonely" and is a project all its own. "Tears came to my eyes and I realized it was a sign this video had to be made," says JET. "Not only for me, but it could really help a lot of people.”

JET, aka Joel Evan The, isn't your conventional pop singer. With his muscular body, unfathomed love for skin tight costumes and anime, he has been referred to as “Nick Lachey meets Ziggy Stardust.” His music is all about finding identity.

He has started a fundraiser to create a music video for the upcoming single. The video will feature a wedding between JET and his male partner.

The singer-songwriter will team up with a marriage equality charity to support the video.  Each view on Youtube will earn money, all of which will be given to the charity. Regarding the content of the video, JET says, “It’s more than just a wedding. This video will show the development of a real, loving relationship. I can’t give everything away, but there will be all facets of a relationship expressed, from the happy times to the fears to the fights, to the unconditional love, plus a little bit of that Sir JET flair!”

Everyone that gives a donation is invited to the wedding video shoot and will be part of the wedding.  “I did the math. If as few as 1000 people donate $10 the goal will be met,” says JET.

For more information on the project, visit the website here.

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