Out & Proud Artists

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the best artists we’ve found that promote an LGBT lifestyle of acceptance and equality for all.

From pop music to dance and even ballads, it just shows how diverse our community actually is and can be. Here is some information about these artists, but don’t just take my word for it. Check out their websites and music for yourself.

Ari Gold

Raised in an environment with Orthodox Jews, Gold Gold discovered his love for singing and music at the age of six at his brother’s bar-mitzvah. At age 12, he created his first demo tape (yes, a cassette tape) for his first record for CBS. Bringing his inspiration from R&B of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and of course 90’s House, his music has helped bring a large LGBT fan base.

Like any gay male, it’s no surprise that Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Janet Jackson and of course George Michael have brought Gold inspiration throughout his career. He has also developed a large African American fan base being inspired by black soul music.

Gold’s current album is a remix inspired album Between the Spirit & the Flesh. The most recent single and video “My Favorite Religion” is inspired by his spiritual and sexual journey and how they overlapped each other.

Gold continues to support the LGBT community working in New York to help fight AIDS/HIV, fighting for equality through the Imperial Court, the Ali Forney Center for the LGBT homeless youth, and Live Out Loud.

Visit www.arigold.com to listen to his latest music.

DC Cruz

Born in a Cuban family with a father who was a singer, it was natural that CRUZ Cruz would begin singing and following his Father’s footsteps in fifth grade. As a young boy, he worked with “Ultimo Nivel,” a Latin boy band. He later joined “Brothers of the Heir” as the lead singer. CRUZ now works on his career as a solo artist here in Miami. Having a Latin background and being bilingual, he has worked to release music in both English and Spanish with Internet sensations like Manniquista, Party Freak and Mr. Hollywood.

Inspiration from artist Lenny Kravitz, Soho Dolls, Elvis Presley, Kanye West and Lady Gaga has helped him create a pop feel with an urban/dance sound. CRUZ is working to release his first album in the fall of 2012 working with Gil Martin to provide a Bi-lingual album. He says this album “to him is all about people having a good time, while learning from his music.”

Check out his current single Mr. Hollywood (LA Radio Edit) a hit that is sure to help you get your summer night started before you head out to the club. Being part of the LGBT community of course helps with a fan base but also provides CRUZ with unique experiences to be a role model for out community, especially from the Latin LGBT community.

Check out CRUZ Cruz online today at www.wix.com/contactdcnow/dccruz.

Daniel Alexander

At the age of 21 Daniel Alexander is well on his way to rising to the top of the LGBT community as a out & proud artist. At age 9 he began writing and singing his own music. In 8th grade he performed his first live show and was then accepted in the Performing Arts School here in South Florida. At age 15 he recorded his first demo as a solo artist.

Growing up with an urban background and being inspired by Nsync & Lady Gage Daniel’s sound is both edgy and cookie cutter with a few racy lyrics. He is currently working to to produce his first album but has released four singles. His most recent “Touch Me” incorporates a 70’s & 80’s Disco style keeping it fun, wild and crazy on the dance floor.

Like most artist Daniel brings his upbringing and personal experience to his music. Growing up “different” Daniel understands the want to fit in. His advice: “Be yourself and no need to over compensate for who you are.”

Check out Daniel Alexander at: www.dalexanderonline.com.

Mika Newton, American Idol

Born in Burshtyn, Ukraine, Mika Newton was discovered at the age of 9 to have a talent for singing. At age 16, she moved to Kiev to study in the vocal department of the Entertainment College. Being inspired through pop-rock in Europe, she creates music that is real and alive. From ballads to dance music, Mika has mastered the ability to strike just about any emotion through her voice.

“Don’t Dumb Me Down,” her current single hitting the US this fall when she plans to begin her American tour, brings a message of empowerment. Going beyond all stereotypes looking for the heart and soul in every human being is only part of the message she hopes fans in the US receive from her music. With everyone being different and special, loving yourself for who you are is very important.

Her message, “don’t be afraid to love and open your heart to all people,” is her way of sharing with the LGBT community a strength and hope for equality. Her goal is to help make the world a better place, the best she can. Keep your eye out for this beautiful young woman who plans to be in South Florida later this year.

For more information: www.mikanewton.com.

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