For Alex G, revealing her sexuality in a video on National Coming Out Day was a long time coming.

The 25 year old singer songwriter knew her sexuality since she was 13, but said her family never talked about the subject and she thought it was just a phase. According to Autostrattle, Alex G was moved to talk after seeing a video of actress Evan Rachel Woods speaking on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign.

“Seeing Evan Rachel Wood talk was the first time I had seen myself in someone else who claimed bisexual as their identity,” she said in her video. “And I was like, whoa, I guess it’s like, okay to say that I’m bisexual? That makes sense to me. This makes sense for who I am.”

With her announcement to her 1.5 million subscribers, Alex G will become one of the top 10 LGBT Women on YouTube by subscriber count. Currently, bisexual YouTuber Eva Gutowski tops the list with 7.2 million subscribers.