Music Review: Morrissey - World Peace is None Of Your Business - 2014

Morrissey is a dark comedy, which is how he describes the state of the world around him through his lyrics. The first few notes of “World Peace Is None Of Your Business,” his 10th solo studio release, starts off a little slow mixing cultures from different continents, utilizing tribal native American drums serenaded by the gentle cry of an aboriginal Didgeridoo, signaling that the listener might be in for something different from past efforts.

However, WPINOYB is not Morrissey's Graceland. As the melody kicks in, it’s clear that has little interest in changing too much, but in the end just enough to make this one of his best solo efforts and it is also his most eclectic LP since Kill Uncle in 1991.

At times it is a rousing rallying cry for the disenfranchised and 99 percent movement. He sings in Spanish while trying to appeal to his growing fan base in Latin America. He splices in a flamenco guitar solo during Neal Cassidy Drops Dead, a song about the famous Beat Poet.

It's hard not to imagine him performing live, skulking around onstage with a rose in his mouth. Don Juan is a gentle lullaby as he croons while rhyming T-bone steak with cancer of the prostate, chastising meat eaters and hockey players all in one pass. His thoughts go deeper into the idea that society still generalizes that one can not be a true man if he is not eating dead animal carcasses. Meat is Murder. He is set in his ways.

WPINOYB has memorable moments and some of them are up there with his most lauded material. “Istanbul” is a highlight as well as “Staircase At The University.” Their lush atmospheric qualities remind one of “Viva Hate” from 1988. The melody is classic Morrissey and has a nice driving baseline juxtaposed with his unique vocal runs.

He teases us with the lyrics, “You should not mess with arrangements," but there is an experimental quality to the sound here while retaining what makes Morrissey, Morrissey.

This is classic Morrissey and at times it is thrilling. “Smiler With A Knife” a song about suicide or rape or oh who cares, it is lyrical genius and why Morrissey is up there with some of the greatest lyricists of all time.

On the uplifting yet extremely dry, “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet Of All,” I couldn't help but think, "but what about Mars? Kick the Bride Down The Aisle? I feel you Morrissey.

MountJoy has echos of Marr's psychedelic guitar, which made the Smith’s track, “How Soon Is Now,” a classic. It is a welcome return and reminder of where he came from.

World Peace Is None Of Your Business is disjointed at times, but not an indication that Morrissey should get in touch with Johny Marr just yet or not--as soon as now--but one day in the near future would be nice.

World Peace Is None Of Your Business was released on July 15.

John Bata is from Denver, Colorado and a local resident of Fort Lauderdale since 2013. He is a published poet and music aficionado. Currently he DJ's at Ramrod on Sundays and a DJ since 1992 in Washington, DC, New York City and Fort Lauderdale. One of his passions is to spotlight the latest in indie and underground dance music.

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