Mexican Rock Band Maná Supports Gay Marriage

In a message that avoided politics and instead focused on equality and love for all, Grammy Award-winning band Maná pleaded with their fans to embrace same-sex couples and gay marriage.

In a statement on the band’s Facebook page, vocalist and guitarist Fher Olvera asked the band’s 8 million followers to say no to discrimination, indifference and prejudice, and yes to tolerance, respect and understanding.

“Full recognition for same-sex couples is not just a question of equality; it is also a matter of justice,” Olvera wrote according to the translation posted by Gay Star News. “Today there are places where these expressions of love cause confrontation. But the potential for love is a human right and a legitimate way to pursue happiness.”

The massage comes less than two weeks after two women became the first same-sex couple married in Oaxaca, Mexico.


Ryan Dixon

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