Beverly McClellan, the local singer who rose to national fame when she placed in the top 4 of the first season of the Voice, died last week from cancer. She was 49.

“I will never be ready to share my real and true thoughts and feelings on (my) OUR loss, it’s to painful and articulating is not my forte at this time. Our love story was so unique and perfect, although we went through so much in such little time,” wrote her wife Monique Garcia McClellan on Facebook. “I’m still painfully numb and unable to believe that my Bev, who I continue to LOVE “BIG-TIME” (this was what I said to her every night before falling asleep and those were her last words, repetitively until I understood) has been ripped from my universe …”

In March the musician was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. A GoFundMe page was set up at the time to help pay for the cost of her treatments.

“Many know Beverly as a hilarious, fun-loving and caring person who loves her friends and family and not to mention her beautiful voice and music. Beverly's illness has devastated her family and friends as well as fans. Beverly is one of many people who has no insurance, like many musicians and self-employed people,” the page reads. “She has been denied government benefits at this time and with all bills incurred cannot afford to pay for private insurance. She depends on her talents for income, and needless to say she cannot sing or play at gigs during these trying times.”

McClellan had been a regular performer in South Florida for the past two decades including PrideFests. But when she made it onto the first season of the Voice in 2011 her career took off and many new doors were opened for her. On the reality singing show Christina Aguilera was her mentor.

“There is a certain magic. Whenever we sang together it was especially magical, of course. It’s amazing because you get two artists together and we’re able to share something that we love to do more than anything else in the whole wide world together,” Aguilera told reporters at the time. “For ‘Beautiful’ to be the song that connected us both in the end was amazing.”

A new GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for the funeral expenses. As of Sunday night the page has raised $1,326 of the $7,000 goal.

“I have been at a loss for the right words. Beverly McClellan, you meant the world to me. Your music, your tenderness, your compassion, your love of life. When you sang at New Moon and you noticed me, you'd say…’Hey Mama, stick around I got a song for you!’ You'd belt out an Etta James song for me. The last time I saw you face to face was November 11, 2017 at yet another event supporting women and their health,” Naomi Ruth Cobb wrote on Facebook. “I am missing you, I know your sweet family is too. You were love in action, peace in action, joy in action, you taught all of us so much about grace and dignity. Our collective communities are benefiting from just knowing you! I will love more, share joy more, live my life to its fullest, because that's what you left me with. That life song will live forever!”