Who is DJ Citizen Jane? I recently had the pleasure to talk with and find out some of what makes this talented, down to earth disc jockey/musician/artist tick. After many years of hard work in the LGBT community the Miami native’s determination has paid off and she has now gone global and will headline some of the largest and respected parties around the country and the world. There will be plenty of opportunity at a variety of events to hear her live considering her impressive and growing resume. Citizen Jane is the girl on fire — an artist on the rise.

​When did you begin to DJ?

I began in the late 90's. 

You started with Vinyl?

I started spinning with Vinyl before the whole digital invasion. I still have my turntables and do it at home for fun.

Do you prefer digital to vinyl as a DJ?

It's two totally different things. I can work with both equally and have fun with either one because at the end of the day it's not about the equipment but about the music.

Where did your love for music come from?

My love for music comes from growing up in a musical home. Everyone from my Dad's side of the family and my brother are musicians. Aside from DJing I am a musician, singer and songwriter. There was always music playing in my home at all hours of the day.  I carry it in my veins.

You like to play all different genres of music?

I love playing just about everything. To me it's all about those on the dance floor. I play for the people not for myself. 

What is your favorite?

I love playing House Music!

How has the scene changed since you started? 

The scene has changed a lot. It has evolved in the sense that people are more open and accepting therefore there are a lot more choices of where to go to as opposed to just going to the gay bars and clubs. Also there are a lot more circuit and pride events.

Is there a difference with the music you play when DJing for a mostly all girl party as opposed to a gay circuit event or club?  

Every party is always different. All girl parties are mostly into open format music. Boy party’s are mostly into House Music and Gay Circuit Events are a mixture of House Music & some remixed top 40 dance songs. When I play at straight nightclubs / venues I play a mixture of open format and EDM.

Do you prefer a large party or a smaller intimate setting?

I love large parties! I'm a people person and I feed off of seeing a large crowd dancing to my music.

What made you want to be a DJ?  

My love for music and just being able to see people forgetting about their problems while dancing to my beats is so rewarding. If I can do that and make them smile and dance their ass off I have succeeded.

Where do you buy your music?

I purchase music from iTunes and remix the songs. I also download music from various sights.

I think your DJ name is really great. I see it as you are trying to imply that you are a   DJ of the people for the people when it comes to music. In a way it goes back to what you were saying about how you play music for the crowd instead of yourself. 

My DJ name actually is my childhood nickname given to me by my grade school best   friend that stuck throughout my whole life. It came about because the boys would take our toys away on the playground at school and I was the one who would go and get them back for the girls. One day my best friend said "you are our superhero your name now is Citizen Jane." 

To elaborate on being a DJ of the people it is great that you ask that question because I actually have been told that before on several occasions that "I am a DJ of the People." I am one of the few DJ's who actually can play across the board easily and have the crowd going on the dance floor for the girls, boys and mainstream no matter in what part of the country or internationally that I am playing.

Not many DJ's are accepted by such different audiences and I am so grateful that I have been. It comes down to I play for the people, I read the crowds, I know what I have to deliver for each event to make them happy. I put all my love for music into it for my crowd — it's always for them.

My gratification is seeing the joy of them having a great time on the dance floor.  

Who are some of your musical heroes? 

Madonna - She has evolved through all the different eras of music since coming out on the scene, she is innovative, always reinventing herself. I love that she takes risks. Peter Rauhofer is my biggest DJ influence.  

What are some upcoming gigs you are going to be a part of?

I will be headlining Austin, Texas Pride, Calgary Pride, Gay Days (Exclusively for the boys), ​Key West, Womenfest, Fort Lauderdale Pride (Main Stage), then Atlanta Pride for my second year at Piedmont Park Main Stage just to name a few.

Do you have a favorite?

My favorite one​ I must say was Headlining Atlanta Pride last year on the Main Stage at Piedmont Park. It was the first time Atlanta Pride had a DJ Headline the Pride Festival on the Main Stage in their 44 Years of being a Pride Festival where attendance is over 200,000. I had the honor of being the first ​DJ ever.​ The other is spinning in Madison Square Garden (the most famous arena in the world) during this past NYC Pride weekend, seeing my name up on the screen and spinning in that arena is beyond thrilling that words can not even describe the feeling.​