Looking for a little inspiration this holiday season?

Turn on “The Voice.”

NBC’s singing competition is nearing the end of Season 19 and still standing is John Holiday, a gay opera singer with a unique sound.

“We’ve never seen or heard anyone that sounds like you on planet Earth,” The Voice Judge John Legend told Holiday after the countertenor’s rendition of “All By Myself.” “Every choice you made was well considered and beautifully executed.”

Growing up as a Black teen in Texas, Holiday sang in his church choir and was often teased for “singing like a girl.” With a repertoire that includes jazz, gospel and soul, Holiday has consistently wowed the judges this season. 

“Your tone is so different from anything I’ve ever heard,” Gwen Stefani told Holiday after the blind auditions. “It sounds so retro in such a great way.”

There are nine contestants left this season and fans will decide the winner. Holiday’s star began to rise when cast for the LA Opera’s world premiere of “Eurydice” — a redesigned telling of the Greek myth “Orpheus.” Holiday was scheduled to make his debut with the Metropolitan Opera in New York but then COVID-19 struck.

“There is a way for everyone to get into the Opera scene,” Holiday told New York Public Radio WQXR. in an interview during the summer. “I count myself really blessed and privileged I have to say to be able to be one of the change agents in the artform ushering in new audiences and the insistence upon being myself and bringing the total package that is John Holiday to the artform — everything that I am, everything that I have and everything that I will ever be will always be brought to the table and so I am thankful without ceasing for the gift of music and the gift of being able to share it with my people and all people.”

In the future Holiday said he would like to put together an operatic piece on the life of Bayard Rustin, the gay close confidant to civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“The Voice” airs Mondays on NBC at 8 p.m. EST. There are only two shows left this season: Dec. 7 and 14. Fans of Holiday can cast their vote for the singer on his website.