Lady Gaga released a new track off her hotly anticipated third record, "ARTPOP," early Monday morning, featuring legendary R&B singer R. Kelly.

On Friday, the pop star announced on Twitter that she would drop "Do What U Want" and included the song’s revealing image (a Polaroid of Gaga’s backside in a thong). The song is a promotional single, as Mother Monster’s next official single will be "Venus," and is out Oct. 27.

Over the weekend, Gaga geared up fans for the track’s release by constantly tweeting reminders that the song would be available on iTunes on Monday. But she took a break from the self-promotion to go on a rant - and no, it wasn’t a "POP EMERGENCY" this time.

As USA Today reports, hours before "Do What U Want" was available for download, the 27-year-old pop diva took to the social media platform to address the negative criticisms she’s been slammed with over the years. In a series of tweets, where she used all caps, Gaga posted images of herself that have been plastered on tabloids.

"LADY GAGA IS FAT NOW," she wrote on Sunday, including an unflattering photograph of herself. "LADY GAGA IS A REDUCTIVE MADONNA COPY! SHE’S OVER NOW!" she said in another tweet, adding a picture of herself Photoshopped next to Madonna - the two singers have similar outfits and hairstyles.

"LADY GAGA IS A HERMAPHRODITE! LOOK AT THIS PIC OF HER D*CK," she wrote, adding the hashtag, "#DoWhatUWantWithMyBody."

Gaga went on to tweet a photo from the Westboro Baptist Church, saying "GOD HATES LADY GAGA #YouCantHaveMyHeart ill always fight for equality, got my own relationship with God." And "Applause didn’t DEBUT AT #1! KATY IS BETTER THAN HER!"

Despite her outburst, "Do What U Want," which was first (partially) heard in a Best Buy commercial last week, is currently No. 1 on iTunes’ single chart, beating out Justin Bieber’s new track "Hold Tight" and Taylor Swift’s latest cut "Sweeter Than Fiction" for the upcoming film "Once Chance."

The aggressively synth, but silken groovy "Do What U Want," is also available on Spotify and YouTube.

"ARTPOP" is out Nov. 8. Listen to "Do What U Want" below:

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