Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus Welcomes Back Founding Director

Fort Lauderdale Gay Men's Chorus

Over 26 years ago, Dr. Keating had a vision of a gay chorus for the state of Florida. While a gay chorus was not an original idea, it certainly was in Florida. He founded the original Gay Men\'s Chorus of South Florida, which many years later changed its name to The Fort Lauderdale Gay Men\'s Chorus, out of respect for other South Florida area choruses. This chorus was the first established gay arts organization in the state of Florida and has gained respect and admiration from the community over the years, both gay and straight audiences.

In 1996, Keating parted ways with the chorus to pursue other goals. Most recently, he came back to direct our June 2012 concert, \"Comedy Tonight.\" Knowing that we were in search of a new director, he wanted to \"test the waters.

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