The 37th annual Pride fest South Florida runs March 1and 2 in Holiday Park. This year’s event will have a decidedly 80s feel with one of the headliners being Sheena Easton.

Easton rose to fame in the 1980’s with hits like “Morning Train,” “For Your Eyes Only” and “Sugar Walls.”

I spoke to Easton by phone. Even though I was expecting her call, it was still a thrill, to hear, “Hi, this is Sheena Easton,” when I picked up.

She still has the same Scottish accent but she makes it clear, she considers herself a full-blown American. She lives in Las Vegas with her two teenage children. After the accent, the next thing you can’t miss is that Easton seems really down to earth.

Full disclosure: I spent a big chunk of the 80’s listening to “Sugar Walls” “You’ve Got The Look” and “Strut.” In the 90’s Easton’s duet “The Arms of Orion” with Prince was in constant rotation.

Although she remains the only recording artist to score Top-10 singles on the five major U.S. Billboard singles charts, including pop, country, dance, adult contemporary and R&B, Easton doesn’t have a preference when it comes to performing a specific musical genre.

“I honestly don’t have a favorite. I work a lot. I’m constantly performing. All of my career, I’ve been a performer much more than a studio artist. My stage work is where I’m happiest at and what I’m most consistent doing. It sounds so cliché, but I can do a song thousand times, and I do it in front of an audience with three people where that song is their favorite song and that just re-energizes it. So, sometimes, it’s the Kenny Rogers’ country song, sometimes its one of my old pop hits, but not every show, but some times I’ll throw in one of the songs from my “No Strings” album, which was not a commercial success by any means. So I’ll throw in one of my jazz standards, that I guess is my ‘me’ moment on stage,” says Easton.

As for her favorite collaborator, she doesn’t have one either, but admits, she learned a lot from working with Prince.

“Who can not love working with Prince? He was amazing! He’s a guy who threw away his own rulebook… He taught me a lot about going in with a plan but always being open to something better happening during the process,” Easton says.

As for the music she listens to these days, Easton is a country girl at heart. “All of my friends know I am a sucker for country music. You give me a dog and a truck and I’m set to go. I love story songs. I love go to the bar and get wasted songs. If I’m stressed, if my mind is racing too much I’ll listen to country and that just sort of cheers me up,” Easton told SFGN.

Beware of all the fake Sheena Eastons on social media!   Easton doesn’t have a Facebook page and despite pleas from fans, she doesn’t tweet and doesn’t plan to in the near future.

“I don’t think the world needs to know my every inane thought,” she says.

Easton performs about 2 or 3 shows a month, but has no immediate plans to record new music. “If I recorded something it would be purely because I wanted to. I couldn’t think about the commercial aspect of it; I’m no longer motivated by that. For me to just get up and cut a record just for commercial success, I don’t want to do that anymore,” she says.

Easton is motivated by meeting her fans in South Florida and says she’s very much looking forward to performing at PrideFest.

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