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A young man named Robert Glenn Hucks — also formerly known as Ryan Morrison, of the gay porn site BoyCrush Studios — ventured into Metro, a well-known gay bar of Jacksonville, Fla. on Jan. 17. When he left with another man, U.S.P.C. worker Jeremy Christian Pittman, age 34, it would be the last time anyone would ever see Hucks alive.

The BoyCrush Studios model was found dead along the Georgia-Florida state line on Jan.31.

According to, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office announced on Jan. 31 that Pittman had been arrested under suspicion of Huck’s murder, and was booked into Duval County Jail.

After his mother made a missing-person’s report on Jan. 18, police did a wellness check at his apartment house, but they did not find Hucks nor did they see any evidence of foul play. Further investigations revealed that Hucks and Pittman left the bar together, which ultimately led to the involvement of the J.S.O. homicide department and to the discovery of the body.

Chief Adam Brown of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that after the two men left Metro, they returned to Pittman’s residence. An argument ensued, with Hucks wanting to be taken home. Instead, Pittman murdered him, later dumping his body in Browntown, a wooded part of Camden County, Ga. on Jan. 31.

"Somewhere in between the suspect's and the victim's home, the suspect murdered the victim," Brown told reporters at the news conference. Brown has also said that this was not the result of a hate crime.

Pittman has confessed to the crime and has been cooperating with the police.

According to, BoyCrush director Andy Kay offered the studio's deepest condolences for Hucks, who also performed with the stage name Ryan Ray Gibson.

"One of our models who was with us and a great friend of the studio for years was recently murdered in Jacksonville, Florida," Kay said. "It's an incredibly sad situation and very sad news to us at Boycrush Studios.”

On his Twitter bio, Hucks stated that he had retired from porn over a year ago, and was working towards his GED. He wanted to do something that helped kids. He was twenty years old when he was murdered.