(GE) Now we know the truth about WPTV-Channel 5 weatherman Steve Weagle: Instead of just hyperventilating about “dangerous” hurricanes for a living, the guy wants TO BE a hurricane!

Weagle, 50, just got clocked at 92 mph in pre-rush hour traffic in Jupiter, according to public records.

Weagle was at the wheel of his 2011 convertible Mercedes 350E, according to his ticket, when he was nailed by a squad car with Florida Highway Patrol.

Records show Weagle’s showy Benz was first spotted by FHP pilot Sgt. Jewrel Wigfall, our local eye-in-the-sky, who used a stopwatch to figure out Weagle’s speed on the southbound lanes of I-95 near the Donald Ross Road exit.

That’s a 70 mph-zone, by the way.

From his state-issued Cessna, Wigfall then radioed a fellow trooper on the ground to pull over Weagle.

Since he was stopped at 3:03 p.m. on Oct. 17, a Monday, we can only assume Weagle was running late for work and was trying to make his trip from his Tequesta home to the NBC station in downtown West Palm Beach a tad shorter.

No matter, the area’s most visible weatherman was handed a $281-ticket!

The publicity-conscious Weagle hired a lawyer and pleaded not guilty. He’s got a court date Nov. 30 at the Delray Beach courthouse.

Neither the lawyer nor Weagle replied to requests for comment