Juana Mora Cedeno and Tamara Adrian were chosen as this year’s plenary speakers for the Global Conference on Human Rights kicking off this year’s World OutGames Miami on May 26 through 29.

“We are excited to welcome Mora Cedeño and Adrián to our distinguished roster of speakers who will share their stories of strength and hope with an international audience as part of the World OutGames Miami Global Conference on Human Rights,” said CEO of World OutGames Miami Ivan Cano in a press release. “This conference, along with our other pillars of sports and culture, will offer an amazing experience and serve as a powerful tool to promote unity and inclusiveness.”

Cedeno is an LGBT activist and renowned artist in Cuba. She and other members of the Proyecto Manos Project met with Former President Barack Obama and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for a discussion on Cuba’s LGBT human rights. She is sponsored by the International Institute for Race, Equality and Human Rights.

Joining her is Tamara Adrian, the first elected transgender politician in Venezuela. She is a transgender activist and lawyer, fighting for LGBT rights. She is the president of the Committee of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, president of the board of directors of Global Action for Trans Equality and the co-president of the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association, the association that licenses the World OutGames. Her topic at the conference is “Sex, Gender and Sports: A remaining space for discrimination.”

The Global Conference on Human Rights brings together “25 notable activists, thought leaders and community figures addressing more than 35 topics that promote inclusivity in sports, health & wellness and global social justice,” the press release said. It is the start of World OutGames Miami, a 10-day event focusing on sports, human rights and culture. It takes place May 26 through June 4.