The Global LGBTQI Human Rights Conference will be held during this year’s World Out Games in Miami, and the first round of speakers was just announced. 
World OutGames is a ten-day multiisport and cultural event taking place from May 27 until June 4, 2017. The Human Rights Conference will take place from May 26 through May 29
The conference will touch topics including the promotion of inclusivity in sports, health and wellness as well as global social justice.
So far, the speakers that have been announced include Austin Bryan and Richard Lusimbo from Sexual Minorities in Uganda, Carlos Quesada from the International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights, Dr. Cecile Houry from Florida International University, Haven Herrin from ILGA North America, Marthe Djilo Kamga from Belgium and Justin Klecha from SAVE.
“We are excited to bring together this stellar roster of speakers who can share their stories of strength and hope to a global audience during World OutGames Miami Global Conference on Human Rights,” Ivan Cano, CEO of World Out Games Miami, said in a press release. “This conference, along with our other pillars, will offer an amazing experience and serve as a powerful tool to promote unity and inclusiveness.”
Some of the programs being discussed at the conference include “Politicization of Homosexuality in Uganda: Scapegoating Sexual and Gender Minorities,” “Fueling a Queer Religious Left at the Organization of American States” and “Prejudice Reduction Conversations to Decrease Anti-LGBT Prejudice,” according to a press release.
The games are open to everyone, regardless of skill or sexual orientation. Though competitions are arranged according to the skill level of competitors.
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